Health & Safety – Safety Management

With 13 years experience with managing health and safety in the electrical and mechanical engineering industry, and the civil construction industry, Sebenza Risk Management has extended their scope of services to offer cost-effective assistance to companies to manage  their Health and Safety compliance on site.  Adele Phipps, who has experience in the civil, building and telecommunications industry has joined Sebenza Risk Management to supplement a construction company’s internal resources, and provide “part time” health and safety officer services.

We find it imperative that a Contractor can focus on their scope of work, and have peace of mind that their health and safety compliance on site will always be in place.

The advantages to using Sebenza Risk Management services are immediate attention to a company’s Health and Safety requirements and ensure legal compliance.  With this service, there is no hiring or replacement costs, no additional overhead costs and non-productive time is eliminated.  Services include:

  • Compiling project specific health and safety files which comply with the Clients Specification.
  • Weekly site inspections, which will include updating documentation and checklists/registers.
  • Ensure risk assessments and method statements are reviewed and communicated to employees.
  • Internal and external audits.
  • Supply of mandatory signage, first aid equipment, fire fighting equipment and all necessary PPE.
  • We will organise all required training for staff e.g. first aiders and she reps.

Health & Safety – Management Agent

  • Working together with the professional team at the design stage of a project, which includes an in depth baseline risk assessment and the compilation of a project specific health and safety specification, to ensure that prospective contractors are fully aware of the health and safety risks associated with the particular project, and that they have the required resources to ensure compliance.
  • Legal compliance audits to measure the contractors compliance with OHS Act (85 of 1993), Construction Regulations 2014, and the Client’s project specific health and safety specification. Monthly audits will be sent to the contractor and the professional team.
  • Conduct site inspections and attend site meetings to report on the contractor’s health and safety compliance.
  • Closely working together with the Client, the Principal Agent and the Contractor to ensure that the project runs smoothly and ensure that the Contractor is compliant at all times.
  • Perform hazard identification and risk assessments.
  • Accident and Incident investigations.